The Auckland Blokart Club Inc (ABC) is currently based at Corsair Lane, Ardmore Airport, in Takanini, Auckland. By arrangement with Ardmore Airport, the club has a storage container, and maintains a track at the end of a taxiway, well away from the main operational sectors of the airport.

ABC members also love to sail the beaches around Auckland and North Auckland when the wind is on-shore and the low tides are suitable. ABC members travel as a club to 90 Mile Beach, Tokarau Beach and Ripiro Beach (Glinks Gully) for long weekend events, and Muriwai, Forestry (Te Arai) and Omaha as a day trip. Club members also travel to events hosted by other blokart clubs throughout New Zealand. Check out the New Zealand Blokart Association website regarding venues around NZ 

The ABC has a schedule of events on our website; to go there click on: events page. Of course sailing is weather dependent, so check out the latest Met Service forecast, and the latest updates on our Facebook / Twitter feeds.

Ardmore Airport

Ardmore Airport, and ABC’s track at Ardmore, can be accessed through the gates on Hamlin Road and Airfield Road, Ardmore. The Airfield Road gate is closely adjacent to the ABC’s track, but this gate is temporarily closed until mid-October, due to major road works in Airfield Road and Mill Road. Access to the track is currently via the Hamlin Road gate, turn left onto Corsair Lane, and then find the RTEC premises towards the end of Corsair Lane. This venue offers a tarseal runway experience. ABC club members usually meet at the track from 1pm on a casual sailing Sunday, and 5pm on a Thursday during daylight saving hours. Visitors and spectators are always welcome. Visitors are also welcome to watch race meetings, which are generally held on a Sunday, but also sometimes on a Saturday as well. Please check the calendar of events to see which events are happening where and when. 

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Good firm sand, perfect for a SW wind. The club has had more luck there over the last couple of years than Karioithai. Please remember to following the Muriwai Rules


Worth the extra 30 minutes drive past Orewa for a smoother wider beach perfect for a NE wind.

Karioitahi Beach

A black sand beach, with a decent run down to the Waikato River in a SE wind.

Ninety Mile Beach

A good 4 hour drive north of Auckland rewards with a golden sandy beach, while not 90 miles long is more than long enough for plenty of fun land sailing. The club organises two long weekend trips away up here a year, for a great social weekend staying at Ninety Mile Beach Holiday Park. We haven’t missed any sailing up here due to lack of wind, and if its NE we just head on over to Tokarau Beach.

Tokarau Beach

Only 20 minutes drive from camp at Ninety Mile Beach Holiday Park, Tokarau is great for the NE winds. As the tides are earlier at Tokarau, we have been known to sail Tokarau in the morning and 90 Mile in the afternoon. Current favorite spot is the end of Dick Urlich Road