Have a Go

So you’re keen to have a go…

Have-A-Go is only available on ABC casual club days at Ardmore. It is not available on dedicated race days.
All sailors must fill in an indemnity form, available below. 

What you need:

Covered shoes. You may bring your cycle helmet and cycle gloves if you wish. Cash payment of $20 per person sailing a kart.

What the ABC will provide:

A demonstration blokart rigged with a suitable sail for the conditions, and your weight. Gloves and helmet. Briefing and tuition about how to safely use a blokart.

What you need to know:

  • The cost is $20 cash per sailor, or pay online at our shop for use of a club blokart. The payment covers track fees and contributes towards maintenance.
  • You must be supervised by a club member at all times.
  • You must use the appropriate safety gear at all times (helmet, gloves, fully covered footwear).
  • You must be instructed in the safe use of the blokart and abide by all site safety requirements.
  • You must sail in the designated area. Sailing is prohibited in the carpark and driveway.
  • The maximum sailing time using a club blokart, if others are waiting, is 15 minutes per time. If others are not waiting, the supervisor has discretion and it is likely you will be able to sail for an extended period(s), 
  • Any damage to a blokart or property is payable by the user.
  • Learning in a strong wind is not recommended; it is too risky for yourself, others and the blokart. It’s also difficult if there is little wind. Blokarts need 6 to 9 knots (11km/h to 16km/h) for an average adult (>85kg). Lighter adults and children can sail in less wind. 

Release and Indemnity:

The Auckland Blokart Club Inc (ABC) will take all reasonable steps to safeguard members and casual users in blokart sailing activities.

In consideration for your permitting registration of this child(ren) or yourself to participate in blokart sailing activities sponsored by the Auckland Blokart Club Inc, the participants do hereby release the Auckland Blokart Club Inc and all affiliated and associated organisations, together with their representatives, members or agents, of and from any and all demands of any kind or nature whatsoever, arising out of or in any way related to any participation in such activities, including any personal injury or death which may be suffered or incurred as a result of participation in such activities whether or not caused by negligence or wrongful acts of such person or agents or members of the Auckland Blokart Club Inc.  I/we do further agree to indemnify and hold harmless each of them of and from any and all claims, demands or action of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of any injury or damages incurred by the registered participant.

Your acceptance of the above Rules and Release and Indemnity is valid for three months.