Muriwai Rules

The Auckland blokart Club promotes and encourages members and the public to sail their karts safely and within the bylaws and rules from the Auckland Council. Upsetting the public, police and council officers could make it a lot harder for all of us to access venues. The following information has been copied from the Auckland Regional Council Website: on 12/02/2011, as it may move when the new super city website changes. Additional notes for bloarkts are in italics. accessnspeed  
  • Speed limits: 30km from Coast Road to just after Okarito Stream and 60km thereafter.
  • There is no access to NZDF Bombing Range or DOC’s Papakanui Spit at the northern end of the beach.
  • Access (entry and exit) is via Coast Road and Rimmer Road. blokarts are permitted to rig at the southern end, but must sail slowly to the stream.
  • Stay off the dunes and stay on the hard sand
  • All Road rules apply for motor vehicles: you need a WOF, Rego and license to drive on this beach and drivers need to wear seatbelts and bikers helmets at all times.
  • Keep left.
  • Drive to the conditions and be aware of the tides. Objects can be submerged. Horse riders and pedestrians can be hard to spot. There always seem to be a few hardy souls out waking dogs when its blowing 20 knots!
  • Watch the tides. You can be cut off at high tide on this beach.
  • Don’t forget your helmet, gloves and googles!
  • Be aware that there may be breakers creaping up behind you.
  • Look out for kite lines and don’t sail over them – they don’t like it.
  • Kites are fastest with the kite low to the ground, but they can flick the kite up and over a blokart.
There have been many accidents on this beach and it is patrolled by the police. Please take care.
You have been warned and the sailors below might not have the blokart grin next time they are stopped.