Auckland Blokart Club (ABC) is a member of the New Zealand blokart Assocation (NZBAI), which is a member of the International Blokart Racing Association (IBRA). All ABC events on the track or at a beach are sailed under IBRA’s international blokart sailing rules.

The rules are primarily to ensure the safety of competitors during sailing and specifically to avoid collisions between blokarts. They set clear rules around who has right-of-way under various situations.

These rules also ensure a consistent approach to blokart set-up and sailing which are aligned with the one design policy of our sport.


Edition 9 rules Has come into effect at events from 1 January 2024,  until end of December 2025, after which a new edition of the rules may be published or this edition extended. Only minor changes and corrections have been made to these rules from the previous Edition. Significant edits are highlighted by a line in the left-hand margin. No changes have been made to the sailing rules in Part E. The changes do include some minor corrections and updates to the protest procedures in Part G, the protest flow chart in Appendix D1, and protest and redress forms in Appendix E and F.


The NZBAI endorses the use of the International Blokart Racing Association (IBRA) rules for events run in New Zealand.

Once you have learned these rules, you can sail and race with safety and confidence around the world.


Quick Overview of Sailing Rules

There are 3 fundamental give-way rules:

  • A port tack blokart keeps clear of a starboard tack blokart
  • Blokart clear astern keeps clear.
  • Windward (upwind) blokart keeps clear of leeward (downwind) blokart

If your unsure about something, please ask one of our members, they are happy to help you understand the rules. Our experienced members are lenient on beginners and the club holds rules discussions regularly. With the 3 basic rules above, you can get out there and learn as you go!

Electronic Timing System

The club uses a MyLaps electronic timing system with transponders fitted to every kart and some wonderful volunteers in our timing trailer to run the software. Transponders may be purchased or hired, and can be used at most other national and international Blokart events as well as they generally use the same hardware. For instructions on correct fitting of the transponder.

Notes on Transponder use:

  • Keep your kart at least 1m away from the loop to avoid flatening the transponder battery
  • There is approximately a 4 second lock out where you tag will not be re-read. So if your over the line early – you have to be out of range of the loop for more than 4 seconds to get another read logged.
  • Please make sure you have the right tag in the right place in the right kart for the right sailor! (Obvious – but some people share karts or have more than one transponder.)
  • If traveling to another club, please advise them of your transponder number (XX-1234) in advance if you haven’t attended with your own transponder before.
  • The electronic timing system is always right!