Purchase Help

Welcome to the ABC’s new online store. We hope you find it much easier to use. This page details some common questions.


Adding Items to Cart

Select the items you wish to purchase to add to the cart. Note some items have options and fields that may be required to be filled in. Compulsory fields are indicated with a *. You may get a popup message if the item option is not selected or a banner message for a option on clicking the “Add to basket” button.

Reviewing Basket

At the top right of the desktop site is a Basket button and account login button. You may also access the basket from the Purchase menu.    

Basket Options

The basket page allows you to review the quantities and remove items before proceeding to the checkout page.


No account? No problem.

Just fill in your billing details. You can create an account by checking the create account button. A username and password will be emailed to you. You can update your password under the Account options (see below), or reset it using the login links.

Existing Accounts

Returning customers can click to login. We recommend that you create an account. Your account details from the old shop should also work. There is also a link to recover your password.


Once you click the Proceed to Checkout button on the Basket page, we have two payment options, bank deposit and Paypal. You can select your preference at the bottom of the checkout page. If you pay by bank deposit our Kiwi bank account details will be emailed to you. Please include your order number with your payment. When paying with PayPal, you can opt to just enter your credit or debit card information by clicking the Pay with Credit or Debit Card button, or sign up for a PayPal account which will remember your credit card details. Note PayPal’s site is secure for online payments.  


Guest Checkout

It is possible to checkout as a guest using our store. However you will have to fill in your details for future orders. We recommend you create an account. It will also make it easier for us to keep our membership details up to date.

Creating an Account

To create an account, just select your items and you can check the create account option on the Basket page. Alternatively under the Purchase menu, select My Account which allows you to register with your email address, or you can on the Register link at the top right of the site.

Lost Password

You can recover your password by going to the Purchase, My Account, Lost Password page and entering your email address. A link will we emailed to you to allow you to reset your password. Note the password reset has a strength meter. It is based on how hackers guess passwords, so common substitutions and patterns are considered weak. E.g. “Password” and “P@ssw0rd123” are both weak. It also checks a dictionary so myABCPassword is also considered very weak as it consists of two words and a sequential ABC pattern. With dictionary checking – sometimes adding an additional character makes a password weaker if it completes a word. Refer to this Password Strength Cartoon.

Updating Address and Email Details

Under the Purchase My Account menu is a sub menu that allows takes to you pages to edit your email address and billing address. Please keep these up to date for our membership records.


Sorry we don’t courier items to you. You will be contacted and the item(s) and usually passed over on the next club day.