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Membership Fees:
Please visit our website at and purchase the appropriate membership from the options of Youth
(under 19 on 1st January), Adult, or Family membership.
Also consider purchasing an Ardmore track fee and sail numbers. The track free is pro rata’d quarterly.
Note: Auckland Blokart Club fees includes NZBAI affiliation fee of $10 Youth, $20 Adult, & $50 Family.

I/we agree to comply with the rules and by-laws of Auckland blokart Club Inc. (ABC) & New Zealand blokart Association Inc.
(NZBAI). (Refer to the ABC Constitution (pdf) and
I/we consent to the collection of the above details by ABC and NZBAI for the purpose of membership records, sponsors and
other funding agencies, the news media or other organisations for the development of blokart sailing and for the benefit of ABC
& NZBAI members.
I/we acknowledge that in relation to the PLI insurance cover that is part of the BAI membership that I am liable to pay any
excess applicable on any claim made against the said cover.
The ABC & NZBAI requires the information on this membership form for its own records, administration and statistical purposes,
the promotion of blokart in the news media, the development of blokart sailing and for the benefit of ABC & NZBAI members.

Sponsors and other funding agencies may require non-identifying statistical information.

ABC & NZBAI may also be required to
pass your information on for its membership of relevant organisations. Existing relevant organisations are; Sport NZ,
IBRA – International Blokart Racing Association and Affiliated NZ Blokart clubs, and blokart International Limited.

Please note ABC & the NZBAI will not sell or pass on member information to anyone else.