Everyone headed for Tokerau despite the forecast of light easterlies breezes. True to form there was nothing so out came the Kubb sets for some friendly on beach competition. Still no wind so most headed for the local vineyard for lunch and a few wines while waiting for something to happen. Those who headed back to camp noticed the sea breeze developing at 90 MB so the call went out for a 1.30 start. A nice onshore breeze, everyone on 5.5s and the racing began. A couple of short races, a longer race and then the relay for the new Gold Cup trophy. The front 3 soon sorted them selves out and after a couple of batten changes Wayne and David H took a commanding lead which they held to the finish. They were followed in by Grant and Brian and third was Bruce and Bill. Everyone then free sailed for a while before heading back to get ready for the prize giving dinner. The theme was “cool” and most were dressed for the part. The food was excellent, the company was excellent, the costumes looked great and the whole evening a great success with Glen and Debbie our camp hosts joining us and sponsoring some of the prizes. There was much hilarity and the photos to follow will tell some of the story. Everyone got some sort of prize but the key ones were:
Thursday champ, Grant Clark Friday champ, Graham Ingall Saturday champ, Craig Tillson Relay champ, Wayne and David Orca Memorial Trophy, Bruce Hales Tall tale trophy, Russell Harray Best Dressed, Wayne Osborne and Liz Elstob 90 Mile Beach Trophy for top sailor, Jenny Hales
3 days sailing on 90 MB plus one day where we sailed Tokerau as well. It has to be one of the best 90 MB trips, but we always say that.
Jenny "The Jet" Hales, 90 Mile Beach Champion - March 2013

Jenny “The Jet” Hales, 90 Mile Beach Champion – March 2013